About JrPAX

If your horse has any run in him, JrPAX will get it out of him!

JrPAX LLC was founded in 2019 by an experienced owner who, after years of frustration with countless quick fix products and spending a fortune on veterinary bills, developed a blend of nutritional supplements that have been tried, tested, and proven to provide winning results on the racetrack. As a family, the team at JrPAX have a combined total of over 30 years in the racehorse industry. As both owners and trainers, the team has owned hundreds of racehorses, won multiple leading owner and training titles, broken track records, stakes records, and even world records in both Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing.

Driven by the desire to win on a continual basis, the team began seeking solutions to increase performance and provide lasting results. By focusing on overall nutrition, they developed a blend of ingredients that increases muscle mass, strength, speed, stamina, and reduced recovery time – enabling horses to perform at their full potential time and time again. This product was painstakingly developed by one of the owners by initially researching nutritional supplements proven to be effective in human athletes. The objective was to create a blend that would maximize desired results, improve overall health, and be free of banned substances. Once the product was finalized, the owner and trainer team administered it to one of their underperforming horses. The mare had run last in her previous four races, but after consuming the product daily for five weeks, she not only won the next race but pulled off a huge come-from-behind win. As a front runner who got left in the gates, this performance was extraordinary.

In over 30 years in the business, the team at JrPax has collectively watched hundreds of thousands of races and race replays, but they had never witnessed a more impressive and jaw-dropping performance in all their years of racing. From this point on, the team began using the product with more of their horses, consistently experiencing the same impressive results. The team at JrPax is ready to share the winning formula with the world. As this product is nutrition based and contains no banned substances, it can be used in any racing jurisdiction with no risk of a positive test. Proven to increase muscle strength, speed, and stamina and reduce recovery time, JrPax is the performance differentiator for every horse in your barn.