Which horses should use JrPAX? Is it just for racehorses?

The product was initially developed for and proven successful with racehorses. However, as the product increases overall health, performance, and recovery – it is beneficial for any horse that competes in events in which speed, stamina, and strength are essential. This product is a performance differentiator – no matter the type of competition. This product is for anyone focused on winning results!

For owners and trainers with 2-year old’s in training sales, this product is essential. As experienced owners and trainers know, a fifth of a second can make the difference between selling a horse for thousands of dollars, or hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can’t afford not to use it.

How quickly can we expect to see results?

This isn’t a magic powder, a quick fix, a running shot, a stimulant or a drug. After years of experience, this was designed to improve the overall health of the horse naturally through nutrition which provides lasting competitive results.

You can expect to start seeing results in as little as two weeks. You will notice your horses beginning to fill out and have more energy in gallops and works. They will start training harder and more aggressively. You can expect to see the full benefits after 45 days of continuous use.

What if I run the horse before the 45 days?

You will see improvement in your horse’s appearance and ability after as little as two weeks. The horse will likely improve and perform adequately before the 45 days. However, when the product is administered continuously for 45 days, you will see significant improvement as compared to the prior race.

How does JrPAX work, what does it do?

Most importantly JrPax increases weight and muscle mass. As experienced trainers know, putting on and keeping weight on an equine athlete is one of the most difficult challenges. As muscle mass and strength improve, horses will train more aggressively. Appetite and stamina will increase, horses will come out of workouts with more energy. With enhanced recovery, horses will bounce back faster after a race and be ready to run again in less time.

How long do the effects of JrPax last and what will happen if we stop using it?

As the ingredients are beneficial to the body for overall health and wellbeing, you will notice a decline in performance from the day you stop using it. Like any successful training tool, if you stop doing what works, you will stop seeing results.  From our experience you will see a gradual decline – the horse may continue to perform well for 3 to 4 weeks after discontinuing use.

How is it administered?

JrPax was designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. The supplement is packaged in daily servings called “Pax.” Simply open JrPax, mix well with water, and mix into your horses feed. This takes less than one minute and can be easily incorporated into your daily feed routine.

Are there any clinical studies to support JrPAX?

JrPax was developed by an experienced owner with winning results in mind. If you know of a scientist in a lab with a more impressive record on the race track, we would love to meet them! This product was developed by us, for our horses and proven to be successful. This wasn’t developed in a lab with retail sales in mind. Our winning formula was created for our horses, and now we want to share our success with you. See the “Our Story” section for more information.

Who should not use this product?

Anyone who is not serious about winning is not results-oriented, or is not willing to ensure the product is administered correctly and consistently – This product is not for you! This product was developed for winners, by winners who are driven to succeed. It requires consistency and commitment – the requirements for most successes in life.  If you have trainers or workers who are not committed to your results and are unwilling to administer the product correctly as they don’t share the burden of rising training and vet costs, then this product is not for you.

Why JrPAX over other products?

Naturally, because it works! It has proven to be effective on the race track repeatedly. After 30 years in the racing industry, we have seen and tried it all. We created our winning formula after years of working with different products and identifying what was most effective for our horses. This is by far the most impressive supplement we have used. See the “Our Story” section for more information about our background and how we developed this product.

Why should I spend the money to purchase this supplement?

If you are willing to spend hundreds (if not thousands) on vet bills each month for a single horse, then why would you be unwilling to pay a fraction of that cost on proper nutrition that improves overall health and prevents the need for many of those bills. Experienced owners and trainers know that our veterinarians administer expensive therapeutic medications before and after races, yet performance fails to improve. Medications are a quick fix solution that addresses the symptoms of muscle and health break down due to the demand of intense athletic performance. They do little to address the cause. For only 10$ a day, this product provides lasting results, improves health, enhances recovery and most importantly enables your horse to run to its full potential.

Why 10$ a day?

We could have cut the cost in half by cutting the ingredients in half, using less effective or lower quality ingredients, or by adding cost-effective elements that don’t contribute to your horse’s performance. However, the formula would not be as effective, and it would take twice as long for your horse to reach its full potential. We as owners know that more time is more money in horse racing. JrPax is committed to authenticity, integrity, and results. We use only the highest quality most effective ingredients that have proven to be successful in increasing performance and overall health. We aren’t going to give our horses, or yours, a product that isn’t proven to be successful.

How can JrPAX benefit trainers?

As experienced owners and trainers ourselves, we know the profit in horse racing is in the purse money. The day money barely covers the cost to maintain the animal. By using JrPax, trainers will see an increase in performance and more effective outcomes. This is both profitable and attracts more business from owners interested in a trainer’s heightened success.

How can JrPAX benefit owners?

With increased recovery time, your horse can run more often and perform to its full ability. With a healthier horse you are reducing veterinary costs. This product provides lasting results and contributes to the longevity of your horse’s career. If you’re invested in a racehorse, this will help you maximize the return on your asset.

What do we say to people who don’t want to use JrPAX?

We aren’t worried. Eventually, they will come around. After getting tired of being outrun by horses on JrPax, they will have to use it to stay competitive.

Where do we see the future of JrPAX?

This is going to revolutionize horse racing around the world. We say around the world because this is a drug-free supplement with no banned substances. It’s a new approach- this can be given to any horse in any racing jurisdiction at any time with no danger of testing positive. This product gives you an edge against the competition – anyone who is not on it is at a disadvantage.