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Helping your horse reach its true potential ensuring optimal
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With over more than 30 years of professional experience in the racehorse industry the team at JrPAX has won multiple leading owner and training titles, broken track records and world records in both thoroughbred and quarter horse racing. At JrPAX it’s all about the desire to win and dominate on a continuous basis.

What is JrPAX?

JrPAX is a nutritional performance supplement for race horses and other performance horses. It contains no banned substances and improves overall health so horses can perform at their full potential. JrPAX promotes muscle mass, strength, speed, stamina and reduced recovery time. JrPax is designed to be administered daily with the horses feed.
If your horse any run in him, JrPAX will get it out of him.

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JrPAX offers the best opportunity for owners, trainers and breeders to dominate the competition in any event. See below for multiple purchase options.

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Quarter Horse Racing – Harness Racing – 2-Year-old’s in Training

Quarter horse racing

In a sport where speed and explosive power win races – muscle strength makes the difference. JrPAX is the supplement that takes quarter horse conditioning to the next level. By supporting muscle mass and recovery, horses maintain powerful performance between the trials and finals.

harness racing

Stamina and energy are pivotal to being competitive in harness racing. JrPAX promotes muscle strength and development- better enabling horses to withstand strenuous training and excel in recurring competitions.

2 Year Olds at Training Sales

An under tack review is a one-time shot to demonstrate athletic ability. With JrPAX you can be sure your horses are performing at their full potential and exhibit the most speed when fractions of a second count.

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